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G1st International is a social development and capacity building initiative designed to help foster substantial community development in its host environment and the world at large. G1st in full stands for God1st (First), when you put God 1st, every other thing falls into place. God is love and we are driven by LOVE!
G1st officially started on the 17th of June 2013. I never understood why I always wanted to be poor while growing up. I came from a very well to do family but I always preferred my neighbours, I would sneak into their uncompleted home to join them. Seldom times my folks were always worried as they didn’t understand the reason for my actions.

It took 20 years of my life to realized the reason why I preferred them. They were genuinely HAPPY AND GRATEFUL. I wanted that, all I ever wanted from life was to be HAPPY. ‘I’m happier when I make a person Happy; I’m the happiest when I make people happy’
After attaining much heights and some level of wealth, social clot and intelligence and what not, I realized that the new meaning of wealth isn’t in the abundance of possessions but the Amount of lives impacted!

I came into the world with incredible Talents, I promise to use every bit of it to make it a better place. So help me God

Sonnia Agu

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