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Impact of G-1st International Foundation

G1st Foundation is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization focused on proffering just, actionable and sustainable solutions to some of the social problems that affect our wellbeing as Nigerians. Our flagship initiatives – Sapiosexual Club, Essence of Nigeria, Girls in Nigeria and the Hub Project – respond to issues in the areas of civic engagement, education, girls/women empowerment and community development respectively. We recognize that people, norms and the way we interact in groups and communities are the processes that shape our development; our projects and programs are therefore geared towards educating, empowering, engaging and giving Nigerian youths a platform to nurture and realize their potential so that they are well placed to contribute selflessly to Nigeria’s sustainable development.


Our vision is of a Nigeria where every individual home and diaspora holds the power to unleash their full potentials and contribute to sustainable development.


To implement programs and projects that improve access to education and social inclusion.

Sonnia Agu

Founder, G-1st International Foundation

Fundraising for Goodness

Quick Disaster Response

Always available to rescue disaster victims and our response to such emergencies are well prepared volunteers.

We help thousands of children,
arrange food & build houses for them

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